Factors to consider for boiler installation

Buying and installing a new boiler requires both huge capital and research. Selecting a suitable boiler for your home is important, but getting it installed without problems is critical. Installing a modern boiler is both expensive and a complicated task. A proper installation of the boiler is crucial for its performance and life. Let us look at various factors one should consider for a successful boiler installation.

Interesting facts about boiler installation

  • Modern boilers are built with the latest technology and can perform without problems for the first 1-3 years. In most cases, there won’t be any boiler repairs in the first twelve months. If there are any major repairs in the first 12 months, the primary cause would be improper installation.
  • A boiler should be installed only by a Gas-Safe certified heating engineer and not by anyone else according to the law.
  • It is strongly recommended to hire the same brand for installation as they have sufficient experience on the product. They will be able to install it successfully without any fault.
  • If there is an issue with the boiler installation then it will drastically impact the performance of the central heating system.
  • Any boiler repairs that can be attributed to improper installation will not be covered under the boiler warranty. Do read the terms and conditions of the warranty at the time of buying the boiler.
  • Similar to the boiler warranty, boiler cover will not pay for boiler repairs caused due to improper boiler installation.
  • If there is a fault in the boiler installation, it will degrade the efficiency of the boiler and the central heating system. This will result in increased monthly energy cost.

Tips for successful installation

  • Always hire experienced and highly skilled Gas-safe certified heating engineers in Sheffield who have a good track record of installing the brand.
  • Listen to the recommendation of the engineer to select the location for installation. Do not force him to install in a room which he doesn’t recommend. This might impact the performance of the boiler.
  • Make sure that the room where the boiler is installed is sufficiently ventilated. Do store unnecessary things in the room and keep it clutter-free.
  • If the heating engineer recommends you to invest in a magnetite filter, then it is better to do so. If your feed water contains a higher amount of metallic impurities then it will lead sludge and debris formation which can result in expensive repairs.
  • The heating engineer will carry out a series of tests and checks before and after installing the boiler. Do insist him to carry out all the checks to ensure optimal performance and safety of the boiler.
  • Based on a number of factors, the heating engineer who does the installation might recommend some extra add-ons for your boiler. These recommendations are suggest optimizing boiler performance and increasing the lifetime of the boiler.

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When is the right time to replace a commercial boiler?

Companies that depend entirely on the boiler to control the workplace temperature cannot afford a boiler shutdown. Any disruption caused due to a boiler problem will lead to a huge loss. Employees will not be able to operate the machines without the boiler. Regular maintenance and proper handling will increase the lifetime of the boiler but it is difficult to predict the exact date of shutdown. It is prudent to replace your aged boiler before it collapses totally. We are listing down the factors which will help you decide when to purchase a new boiler.

Age of the boiler

Unlike residential boilers, commercial boilers have a longer lifetime. The average lifetime could range between 25-35. Check your company records to identify how old the boiler is. The probability of a boiler failure increases when the boiler is more than 30 years old. We would highly recommend you to replace the boiler after 30 years of usage. Aged boilers not only have a higher chance of failure but will also lack efficiency. You will be paying a higher energy cost each month with your old inefficient boiler.


One of the routine checks to be done on a commercial boiler is to detect leaks early. It is possible that aged boilers might have a leak and it should be detected and fixed early. If the leak is huge or is repetitive then it is high time to replace the boiler. If the leak becomes bigger, then it is hazardous for the employees and will also lead to a total shut down of operations.

Consistency of heating

A properly working boiler should heat all the areas of the company equally. If the boiler is facing some problem then it might not heat consistently. Check for frequent complaints about heating from your employees, customers, vendors, etc. This will give you some valuable insight into the performance of the boiler. If you notice frequent complaints then it is a sign that your aged boiler is going to collapse soon. Check it out thoroughly with a boiler engineer and arrange for a replacement if necessary. Give us a call if you are located in Wakefield. Our boiler engineers will review your boiler and provide a detailed report.

A sudden increase in energy cost

Running a commercial boiler is a huge overhead on the expenses of any business. Though the cost of buying and installing the boiler is a one-time expense, the operating costs are huge. The bulk of the operating cost is the fuel it consumes each month. Track your monthly energy bills to detect an alarming increase. If you witness a huge increase in the monthly bill then it indicates that the boiler has lost its efficiency. If this repeats for the 2 consecutive months then it is a good time to replace the boiler. When you see a surge in the energy bill, get your boiler serviced once. If the spike in fuel cost comes down after servicing, then nothing to worry. If there is no drop in energy cost, then you need to buy a new boiler.